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Editorial Reviews about "Letters From a Peasant"
Bill Holm, author
Like dried tomatos mysteriously hydrated; these "letters" keep expanding to be about the United States, the human condition, and life.

Albert H. Quie, former Governor of Minnesota
Olson is more than a curmudgeon with great humor, he brings you in touch with wisdom, love, and faith.

What Readers have to say

A reader from Illinois
Many people don't have the courage to "tell it like it is," but Brent Olson has done just that. He doesn't mince words and stays true to his values. I like the fact that his sense of humor comes through even in the most serious essays. I will definitely wait for more material from this guy.

Representative David Minge, U.S. congress
Thoughtful, perceptive, and well read; Olson's clever and careful pen tickles and challenges the reader -- whether rural or urban.

Lay of the land reviews
Gentle, tangible thoughts, March 13, 1999
A reader from Nebraska
This book is easy to read and will make for a good laugh, a tear or two and some serious thinking. It's definitely a read-between-the-lines book.

Thought Provoking and Sweet, March 9, 1999
A reader from New Mexico
The Lay of the Land by Brent Olson is an excellent book, because everyone will find something to identify with in its pages. Really worth your while to read.

Wow, February 19, 1999
A reader from West Virginia
This is one of my new favorite books. I laughed out loud enough to make family members think that I was crazy and actually cried a few times. It is really worth your while to read, and it gives an incredibly vivid picture of life on a farm.

Fantastic Imagery, January 27, 1999
A reader from New York, New York
This is a very good read. It has some really fantastic imagery. A good book for people from all walks of life. Also, a good picture of what rural life is like.